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The “Talk TO me, not ABOUT me” campaign

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The “Talk TO me, not ABOUT me” campaign

Fighting prejudices with respect, empathy and open-mindedness

In September 2022, the association and national alliance representing people affected by a rare disease in Luxembourg ALAN – Maladies Rares Luxembourg, launched a new interactive awareness campaign with the support of its partners, the associations EDS Lëtzebuerg, den-i, Wäertvollt Liewen, Trisomie 21 Lëtzebuerg, Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner and Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner.

The campaign aims to raise public awareness of rare diseases and their impact by shedding light on the prejudices that people affected by a rare disease sometimes face. At the same time, the campaign shows that despite many challenges, these people can lead absolutely fulfilling lives.

The campaign videos and slogan “Talk TO me, not ABOUT me” (“Schwätz mat mir, net iwwert mech” in Luxembourgish) call for respect, empathy and open-mindedness. The public is asked to put their prejudices aside and openly talk to others to get to know them and understand their situation instead of judging or demeaning them.

The campaign has two related components:

– the original song “Meet Me If You Dare” by ABBY LANE and its corresponding music video,

– a series of short videos showing different people that are affected by a rare disease and the prejudices they face.

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